The second Be In the Know Breakfast was held on April 4. The program touched on several topics and hosted two speakers.  Samantha Pneuman, (right), Image Specialist for Kimmel Corp spoke on branding.  Amy Hoffman, (left) Program Manager, Palmer Energy Company talked about the Chamber Energy Program.  She also introduced Trevor Kendrick, the new Account Manager for our area.  Bob Evans provided breakfast for everyone. 

The new Town to Gown Tuition Discount information was shared along with a pass out for the SOCA Benefit Plan.  The fliers for these benefits can be found on the chamber’s website.  It was explained that a Small Business Saturday survey was set up to see if there was an interest in having a Special Small Business for Seneca County that did not conflict with the big Ohio State football game.  Brittany Cook gave information on the GOBA’s June visit to Seneca County.   Everyone present was able to share information about themselves and their business. 

Samantha summarized her topic for those not in attendance with the following:

Unite Your Team

Matching shirts give everyone something in common and an identity which creates a sense of unity. Unity is essential to teamwork and a productive work environment.

Influence Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is easily influenced by the branded clothing that is worn.  Employees take pride in the logo that is on their chest. This pride creates employees to make the right decisions while looking out for the better interest of the company and their customers


Everyone loves free stuff! Branded apparel is the cheapest form of advertising with the best return on investment. Customers will gladly be a walking billboard around town, to the lake, to the ballgame, or even to dinner!

Amy summarized her topic with this:

Chamber Energy Solutions is the energy benefit program of the Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce. As a business owner, your focus needs to be on growing your bottom line.  Therefore you need CES savings programs to assist you with getting the most competitive price for your gas and electric.  Palmer Energy Company is the independent consultants that work with the Chamber to provide professional assistance.  We have been in business for over 35 years and we are in Toledo, Ohio

Natural Gas Program:

Chamber Energy Solutions (CES) helps control your natural gas costs through the strength of group buying and by applying its market knowledge and negotiation expertise to reduce energy cost. By purchasing natural gas when the pricing is more advantageous, CES provides insurance against dramatic price increases in the natural gas market.

Electric Savings Program:

Chamber Energy Solutions (CES) electric savings program saves you money on your electric consumption through the application of its pricing expertise. We work with multiple suppliers to ensure a competitive fixed rate for the members.

Please contact Trevor Kendrick of CES at 419-539-9180 or email at to review your electric or gas bills.


We want to thank Amy Hoffman, Samantha Pneuman, Bob Evans and everyone for their participation and sharing ideas!