Elite Sport and Culture Week will promote and celebrate the Olympic Movement, Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and sport culture through educational and inspirational festivities accessible to all ages, cultures, income levels, and abilities. Visits to Tiffin schools by a dozen or more Olympians, Paralympians, and coaches will stress the values of the Olympics (friendship, respect, and excellence) while addressing topics such as performance enhancement drugs, (cyber) bullying, relationship violence, or overcoming obstacles.  Additional festivities include a youth sport challenge and medal ceremony at the YMCA, the Festival of Champions at the Heminger Center, an Art Exhibit by a renown Olympian, a Trivia Contest in the Marion Center, and a community breakfast panel featuring Olympians and a member of the Court of Arbitration for Sports. Additional activities to enhance the week are being planned.   A tool-kit featuring grade-appropriate Olympic-themed lesson plans will be distributed to Tiffin schools before the 2018-19 school year. 


A 3-pillar program for K-6 students provides incentives for learning about sport and culture during the summer. The first 600 youth attending the Festival of Champions on October 23 will receive a sport bag, water bottle, and a picture with an Olympian if they have earned their 3-pillars from the YMCA (sport), Seneca County Library (education), and Tiffin Art Guild (culture).  

A Patron Campaign is underway to assist in financing expenses such as transporting Olympians to schools, purchasing 600-plus sport bags and water bottles for youth, printing 1000-plus commemorative programs for autographs, and printing pictures with Olympians. Elite Sport and Culture Week is hosted by Tiffin university, Mercy Health of Tiffin, and Terra State Community College. More information can be accessed and donations may be made online at www.tiffin.edu/elite  or by contacting Dr. Bonnie Tiell at btiell@tiffin.edu