Posts from 2017-04-26

Be In the Know Breakfast Wrap Up

The second Be In the Know Breakfast was held on April 4. The program touched on several topics and hosted two speakers.  Samantha Pneuman, (right), Image Specialist for Kimmel Corp spoke on branding.  Amy Hoffman, (left) Program Manager, Palmer Energy Company talked about the Chamber Energy Program.  She also introduced Trevor Kendrick, the new Account Manager for our area.  Bob Evans provided breakfast for everyone. 

The new Town to Gown Tuition Discount information was shared along with a pass out for the SOCA Benefit Plan.  The fliers for these benefits can be found on the chamber’s website.  It was explained that a Small Business Saturday survey was set up to see if there was an interest in having a Special Small Business for Seneca County that did not conflict with the big Ohio State football game.  Brittany Cook gave information on the GOBA’s June visit to Seneca County.   Everyone present was able to share information about themselves and their business. 

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